Leading the
Renewable Revolution

Transforming the Future with Clean Energy

  • Who We Are

    Mahindra Susten was established in 2010 as one of the first players in India's renewable power solutions sector. Over the years, we have developed 1.5 GWp+ of IPP renewable assets and further developing 1.9 GWp+ of IPP projects contributing to India's RE targets. As the clean-tech arm of the Mahindra Group, we have also successfully executed 4.2 GWp+ of renewable projects as an EPC in India and across the globe. Our commitment to decarbonization and achieving ESG goals is further strengthened by our dedicated in-house EPC team, ensuring excellence in all our endeavours.

    • 3.9 GWp+

      IPP Portfolio

    • 200+

      Team Size

    • 53 Mn+

      Safe man hours

    • 6

      IPP Projects under development​

  • Deepak Thakur

    Managing Director and CEO

  • Susten is your partner for "Planet Positive" and creating a Better World

    In our pursuit to be a strong partner for India's growth as a green energy company, Susten is committed to expanding our portfolio multiple folds, aiming for a remarkable 5x growth in upcoming years. Our focus lies in developing projects centred on solar energy, hybrid energy, and Roud the Clock (RTC) projects integrated with energy storage solutions. By growing our portfolio and diversifying our offerings, we will significantly contribute to the decarbonization goals of the world.

  • Purpose

    Re-imagining clean energy…. Empowering lives!


    To be a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions by developing renewable energy assets and creating enduring value for our stakeholders & communities.

Our Brand Pillars

Drive positive change in the lives of our communities. Only when we enable others to rise will we rise. #TogetherWeRise

  • Rise for a
    More Equal World

  • Rise to be

  • Rise to
    Create Value

Susten Community Connect

We create positive change for the world we live in

  • 2.5 Lakhs +

    Lifes Benefited

  • 3 Nos.

    of PHC developed

  • 98 k+

    Trees planted

  • 8 Nos.

    of schools developed

  • 11 k+

    Girls supported with education

  • 4 k+

    Innovative school bag distributed

  • 5 k+

    Girls trained with martial arts

  • 30 Nos. +

    Toilets developed around India

  • 8 Nos. +

    Playscape with scrap from site built

  • 150+

    Girls provided with Skill training

  • 2 Nos.

    of STEM lab developed​

  • Our Presence

    We are proud to be recognized as one of the foremost IPP players in India's solar renewable energy sector. Our commitment to creating lasting value for our stakeholders and communities drives us towards achieving carbon neutrality. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, we are shaping a brighter, cleaner future for all.

    • 1.5 GWp+

      Developed portfolio

    • 1.9 GWp+

      Under development

Our Leadership

Together We Rise