Delivering Excellence
in Entire value chain

Revolutionizing through seamless integration

  • A Value Chain Leader

    Since 2010, Mahindra Susten has achieved substantial growth, capitalizing on the renewable project value chain while emphasizing People, Planet, and Profit. Our approach spans the entire lifecycle of renewable energy facilities, including development, construction, ownership, and operation. With an in-house EPC team, we are one of the best solar IPP companies in India, selling power through long-term PPAs and ensuring competitive LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) for every project, be it a single technology or a blend of integrated technologies

    • We have inhouse

      IPP + EPC Team

  • Projects Developed

    Our proficient bidding and project development team, comprising financial analysts, regulatory experts, legal advisors, and community relation experts, diligently identify, evaluate, and bid on renewable energy projects. They skillfully secure necessary permits and approvals and coordinate with various stakeholders throughout the process. Additionally, they build productive partnerships with landowners, local communities, government entities, and utility companies, ensuring a smooth transition from development to construction and operation through seamless execution of power purchase agreements (PPAs).

    • Project developed

      1.65 GWp+

    • Land Procured

      5000+ acres

    • Working in States

      5 nos.


As a leading green energy company, the Susten Engineering team has vast expertise in delivering projects over 4.2 GWp+ worldwide. With a crucial role in renewable energy project success, our experts drive technological innovation. Comprising skilled engineers and subject matter experts, we ensure efficient and reliable design for energy generation. Our multidisciplinary approach supports project development, construction, and operation, ensuring the lasting performance of sustainable energy infrastructure.

Transforming through Innovation

Innovating Tomorrow, Transforming Today

  • 2011

    One of the first installations of a single-axis tracker by the Susten EPC team in India

  • 2012

    One of the first to install thin film modules in a project in India

  • 2015

    Designed, patented, and executed in-house single axis tracker

  • 2016

    Designed pre-engineered inverter pad skids with 1500 V DC system

  • 2017

    Designed and implemented modular and containerised inverter pad solution

  • 2017

    Designed innovative all terrain cable tray for easy execution

  • 2018

    Designed and Piloted 8 MW bifacial module with fixed tilt and SAT

  • 2021

    Developed one of the largest projects (335 MWp) with bifacial technology

  • 2021

    Commissioned India 1st solar integrated project with 15 MWh battery storage to make Modhera town self-energy reliant

  • Supply Chain Management

    Our SCM team is essential for sourcing and managing resources, materials, and services for the successful execution of Mahindra Susten solar projects. Comprising procurement professionals and material specialists, the team ensures the availability of quality components while optimizing costs and maintaining efficient supply chains. They collaborate with project development and engineering teams during the development phase to identify project requirements and engage in supplier evaluation, contract negotiation, and securing favourable pricing and delivery terms.

  • Total Module Procured

    17.5 M+

  • Total Steel Procured

    140 K+ MTon

  • Commited to

    Green Supply Chain

  • having global Sourcing experience

    10 + Countries


Our construction team drives renewable projects from the planning to the operational phase. With experienced project managers, construction managers, engineers, supervisors, and certified sub-contractors. Our team oversee efficient project management, including project coordination and subcontractor relationships, while adhering to schedule, quality and budget. Their tasks include site preparation, construction, equipment installation and commissioning as per PPA while complying with good international industry practices (GIIP) and safety protocols.

Asset Management

Our skilled Asset Management professionals maximize the performance and profitability of renewable energy assets. They oversee operations, maintenance, and optimization throughout the project lifecycle. Tracking key indicators like energy output and plant availability strategically enhances energy generation. Moreover, the team manages contracts, including power purchase agreements and warranties, ensuring compliance and financial oversight.

  • Projects Developed

    1.65 GWp+

  • Working in Sates

    5 nos.

  • Projects Divested

    100 MWp+