Ankit Jain

Ankit Jain is the Head of Operations, Sustainability & CSR, and Marketing & Branding at Mahindra Susten. With over 17 years of invaluable experience in Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Renewable Energy, he has been one of the key driving forces behind the strategic and operational decisions that have shaped Mahindra Susten's success and propelled it to new heights in the renewable energy industry.

Since inception of Mahindra Susten, Ankit has been associated with Susten and during this journey his expertise spans a diverse range of domains, from Business Development & Strategy to Procurement and Projects. His remarkable ability to handle the P & L responsibility for India and SEA EPC business showcases his astute business acumen and leadership. Under his dynamic leadership, Mahindra Susten has executed an impressive +4.0 GWp of renewable energy projects, making a significant impact in India and various global geographies. This substantial contribution has positioned Mahindra Susten as one of the top Solar EPC players in India.

His commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility lies at the heart of Mahindra Susten's success. With a deep understanding of environmental challenges, he has spearheaded initiatives that set new standards in the renewable energy industry. From harnessing solar power to investing in sustainable infrastructure, his vision has propelled Mahindra Susten to the forefront of responsible corporate practices. Ankit has been a driving force in leveraging the latest technologies to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead in the market. With his guidance, Mahindra Susten has embraced cutting-edge digital solutions, empowering the company to adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics. His strategic acumen extends beyond day-to-day operations. He played a critical role in onboarding Ontario Teachers' as a strategic partner, cementing Mahindra Susten's position as an internationally recognized player in the renewable energy sector.

Ankit's career began with Vatika Group and Ansal API, where he honed his skills in handling large-scale Real Estate, Commercial, and Infrastructure projects. This vast experience has laid the foundation for his remarkable journey at Mahindra Susten.

He holds a B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Rajasthan University, providing him with the technical expertise needed to navigate complex infrastructure projects successfully. His Black Belt in Six Sigma reflects his unwavering commitment to ensuring continuous process improvement and the highest levels of quality management, propelling Mahindra Susten's projects towards excellence.