Susten's Centre of Excellence Featured in UNGC

Genuine empowerment stems from empowering others. Mahindra Susten, a trailblazing Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the realm of renewable energy, stands as a beacon of this principle.

Located at the heart of Karjat, the Susten’s Centre of Excellence is dedicated to training individuals from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, preparing them for the transition into the renewable energy sector. To date, this initiative has made a profound impact, with the Karjat Center having provided comprehensive training to over 4,500 technicians in full-trade skills and more than 10,000 individuals in semi-trade skills.

This remarkable endeavour, aimed at empowering communities to rise, has garnered recognition in the United Nations Global Compact's report, underscoring its significance on a global scale. Mahindra Susten's commitment to fostering a sustainable future through education and opportunity exemplifies the transformative power of true empowerment.