Revolutionizing Solar Energy: Using Robotics to Conserve Water

For many years, the solar industry has relied on water-intensive and labour-intensive processes to maintain and operate solar power technologies. From cleaning solar collection surfaces to photovoltaic panels, excessive water usage has been a common practice. However, at Mahindra Susten, we have been committed to finding a solution that reduces water consumption without compromising the efficiency of our systems.

As a leading solar renewable Independent Power Producer (IPP), we take pride in managing a substantial portfolio exceeding 1.54 GWp. Yet, our impact extends beyond mere numbers. Our primary objective is to contribute 2.3 billion green units to the national grid through our IPP portfolio, driving our nation towards a cleaner and brighter future. The implementation of an autonomous system is a crucial step towards achieving this goal at an accelerated pace.

Since our establishment in 2010, Mahindra Susten has been a leader in India's green energy landscape, driven by a powerful vision. Our steadfast commitment to renewable energy sets an example for the entire industry, inspiring others to embrace the transformative potential of clean power.

Together, we can embrace innovation, harness the power of technology, and #RiseWithTech to pave the way for a better future.