Modhera Solar Project: A Landmark in Green Energy Innovation

The Integrated Solar Energy Project in the Sun Temple Town of Modhera, Gujarat, has achieved remarkable success. It stands as India’s pioneering state-of-the-art Solar Project, distinguished by its extensive Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), one of the largest operational systems of its kind in the nation.

GPCL awarded the project to Mahindra Susten as the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) as well as Operation and Maintenance (O&M) contractor, and it was fully commissioned on August 26, 2021, completing it within a year.

The project comprises a 6 MW grid-connected PV system equipped with a 6MW BESS system, featuring 19MWh Battery Energy Storage System. Furthermore, the town benefits from 100-kW rooftop system installed on government buildings,271 individual 1kWp rooftop systems on residential buildings. Modhera Village is also equipped with more than 1700 Smart Meters which enables utility for real time energy monitoring, peak demand analysis.

An interpretation centre has been built in the vicinity of Modhera Sun Temple for showcasing the project concept, information and generation details. A 50kW carpark build near to Interpretation centre along with 150kWh battery backup system caters the demand of interpretation centre along with EV chargers installed under carpark. 25 numbers of articulated LED lights installed along the entry road enhances the beauty of Modhera Sun Temple vicinity area. 

During daylight hours, PV inverter supplies power to the village, charge the batteries and export excess power to grid. During solar energy deficit and night hours, power is supplied by BESS to Modhera village making it independent of Grid. All the complex functionalities such as near to zero grid import and energy management are controlled by Energy Management System. All the rooftop systems, carpark, EV charging station, Smart Meters, PV and BESS plant are monitored at centralised SCADA system located at PV+BESS plant.

This initiative has rendered both the Modhera Sun Temple and the town itself self-reliant and self-sustainable for their energy needs, primarily harnessing solar power.