Here’s how Commercial Solar Panels are changing your outlook on energy, one roof at a time.

What are Commercial Solar Panels?

Commercial solar panels are nothing but the panels installed on rooftops that collect solar energy and form a Direct Current. They are an array of multiple photovoltaic (PV) solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity. Multiple cells make up a solar panel, create an electric field, and multiple panels or modules can be wired together to form a solar array. The energy collected from these panels then goes to a solar inverter which converts it into a usable energy source. 

Where do we put these panels? Aren’t these for bigger industrial areas?
Commercial Solar Panels are not only restricted to a big industrial space. They can be installed in various other areas, making it possible for anyone and everyone to enjoy the benefits of solar power and solar-powered appliances. They can be installed on the rooftops of residential/commercial buildings and can generate enough energy to meet your needs!

We ensure optimum utilization of available space so you don’t have to let the availability of space restrict you from jumping onto the bandwagon. These panels require very little maintenance and the installation process is just as hassle-free.

Why does one need to install a Solar Panel? What difference does it make?
With heavily depleting resources, solar energy is the future. It is the only resource available in abundance and solar panels + solar inverters ensure we make optimum and efficient use of the same. Solar panels are capable of producing enough energy to power up a building and also be able to store the excess in a battery bank for future use. With rising awareness about greenhouse emissions, increasing carbon footprint, and depleting resources, it is important we make eco-conscious choices today.

How do Commercial Solar Panels work?
They work by collecting clean renewable energy from sunlight and converting it into electricity which is used to provide power for electrical loads. Several individual solar cells made of silicon, phosphorus, and boron are arranged in a grid-like pattern. The power generated through these solar cells is sent to an inverter which converts DC into AC power.  Commercial inverters are designed to meet the requirements of any kind of commercial usage.

Features of Commercial Solar Panels 

  •  Commercial solar panels can be installed in open spaces available in commercial buildings as they have a large area for several solar  panels to be installed, and produce enough solar energy for the functioning of the building.
  •  They generate enough power during the day that it can be stored and used at night as well. 
  •  They require very little maintenance which makes them cost-effective. They have a lifespan of over 15-20 years and, post-installation, the electricity generated by the system is absolutely free.

Applications of Solar Panels 

  • Commercial solar panels can be used to power industrial buildings in remote locations. 
  • Installed on the rooftop of buildings, they can be used to light up signs or message boards. Solar energy charges the battery and collects enough energy during the day so that the signs can remain illuminated even during the night. 
  •  They can be used for preheating ventilation air as well as solar-powered geysers in offices, businesses, and residential areas.

The most unique feature of Commercial Solar Panels is that they largely reduce carbon emissions/carbon footprint and are cost-effective for everyone using them. In today’s times where everyone is looking to reduce costs with maximized usage & profits, these are a great solution.