Following the sun for a greener tomorrow


With reduced tariffs, the Solar plant costs have reduced significantly in last few years. While the EPC industry has been continuously innovating to cut costs by design innovations and in some cases careful dilution of specifications in non-core areas, further cost cutting seemed to be a big challenge in near future. At Mahindra Susten, we realized this pressure from our esteemed customers and instead of playing with the quality of plants to further cut costs, we chose to offer a differentiated value based products based on our EPC experience, strong R&D, and Innovation strengths. These products include Tracker, Inverter Container, Combiner Box and MMS.

Our core objective is to deliver indigenously designed and developed best in class reliable products at economical rates to improve plant efficiencies.

The Mahindra Susten Product team has a dedicated team focussed on design, development, supply quality and execution of our Products. Innovation, Quality & Reliability is at the heart of component design. All products have been stress tested under harsh environmental conditions & accelerated cycling tests.

With over 482MW under various stages of execution our flagship product MSAT100 is on its way to becoming the Tracker choice for Indian Market.

Our customers include GRT, Rane, Kiran Solar, Saketh Solar, Premier Solar and Mahindra & Mahindra.

Single Axis Solar Tracker (MSAT100)

Harness the power of the sun using MSAT100, the single axis tracker by Mahindra Susten. The MSAT100, an innovative offering from Mahindra Susten, is an indigenously designed & developed tracker thereby providing best-in- class quality at affordable prices. MSAT100 gives you the flexibility of choosing an array layout upto 60/63 module in the standard layout. Optional designs based on land profile can be set up in undulated terrain at optimum cost.

The tracker can help to substantially increase the generation potential of your solar setup. Utilizing our collective Solar EPC experience of over 1 GWp+, the MSAT tracker has been designed. We have supplied 500+ trackers & installed 226.04+MW tracker at sites in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana& Thailand.

Benefits - 24% increase in generation observed at installed sites.

The MSAT100 Advantage

  • MSAT100 has been designed keeping Plug and Play philosophy in mind which allows easy installation without any welding requirement. 
  • It’s a tracker system with fixed tilt simplicity. No additional power cables and UPS are needed at the site with our design. 
  • Susten provides cut to length Wire harness with fuses on positive side This eliminates wire cutting hassle at site, making the MSAT100 truly PLUG & TRACK.
  • Installation Ease: Plug and play system with wire harness lets you install the tracker in the same amount of time as that of a fixed tilt
  • Reliability: Accelerated life tests of 25years conducted on bearing and actuator along with ERTL (Government Lab)

MSAT100 UnIque Features

  • Ease of Maintenance

    Modular design ensures components can be easily replaced at site. Cleaning mode setting available

  • Intelligent Auto Stowing

    MSAT100 proprietary controller does automated course corrections. Preset settings for heavy storms & potentially hazardous environmental conditions

  • Wireless Monitoring

    Monitor tracker critical parameters, benefits & accuracy real time by using Susten’s Solar pulse

  • Affordability

    Best in class quality at affordable cost

  • Self Powered

    MSAT100 is powered by a Solar module with 2 days backup; no cabling at site required

Design reviewed by Third party
Third Party Consultants reviewed and approved design

Why use a tracker

  • Tracker generates 16 to 24% more energy comparing to Fixed Tilt System based on site location 
  • As compared to static panels,moving panels gather less dust. Higher Equity returns up-to additional 3% 
  • Flatter curve allows for:
    - Effective gain maximization in states having TOD tariff
    - Less Open Access Charges per Unit due to higher CUF

Solar tracker technIcal detaIls

DescrIptIon SpecIfIcatIon
Axis Mechanism Single axis (E-W Tracking)
Tracking Configuration Single row tracking
Tracking Range wrt Horizontal -45 deg. To + 45 deg.
Module Type 72 cells (Portrait)
Foundation per row 13/14
Site Levelling Requirement Low compared to Building Block Tracking
Maximum wind speed 165km/hr
Environmental Protection coating Vertical post & Torque Tube: MS with HDG as per
IS4759 and Rails 550 GSM as per IS277
Bearing 80/84 standard, flexible options based on land
profile available
DescrIptIon SpecIfIcatIon
Power Source Dc Power Inbuilt
Special Feature Cut to length harness with fuses for
combining strings
Other Features Power back up for tracking: Autostow at
night & during high wind
Site Requirements No welding/ fabrication needed
Vertical post Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) post to be
embedded inside concrete
Torque tube (Horizontal Tube) Square hollow section
Torque tube & Rail Connection U bolts with bolting at top
Communications As per SCADA requirement (wire/wireless)
Fasteners SS 304/ HDG Grade 4.6 & 8.8