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Solar Rooftop Solutions - Mahindra Susten

What Is Rooftop?

Distributed Solar solutions have become beneficial and viable in the Indian market for the following reasons:

  • Generation at the point of consumption
  • Sizing on the basis of actual loads leading to customized solutions
  • Balance energy can be fed back into the grid taking advantage of recently introduced net metering policies
  • Strong policy support and benefits by both state and central governments

Why Rooftop?


  • The rising electricity tariff from conventional sources can be curbed by locally available and accessible natural resources
  • High positive environmental impact on the community
  • The economics of solar power are conducive to lower investments
  • Mahindra Susten provides strong expertise, skill and experience in this domain

of roof – top/distributed projects
(Including DG-PV hybrid solution)

Solar Panel Roof - Mahindra Susten

Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar installations are quick, easy and cost-effective solutions for solar power generation in urban, peri-urban and rural environments. They contribute towards a cleaner environment and reduce the carbon footprint. Mahindra Susten provides design, engineering, procurement and construction of Rooftop Solar PV power plants from a few kW to MW scale.

With extensive experience and capability for both stand-alone and grid-connected solar PV power plants, Mahindra Susten has commissioned over 12 MWp of solar rooftop solutions till date. We have experience in all types of PV modules (poly-crystalline and thin-film) and have installed on both RCC roofs and metal roofs. We also offer industry-leading 24x7 remote monitoring and diagnostics on our proprietary platform.

Rooftop projects find extensive applications for:
Individual Homes | Corporate Offices | Shopping Complexes and Malls | Industries and Plants | Institutional establishments | Rural Communities

  • Benefits of Solar Panels - Mahindra Susten


    • Setup with Mahindra quality standards
    • Option to monitor power consumption
    • Regular checks by maintenance team
    • Quick installation

  • Admirable Features

    • Affordable source of power
    • Efficient usage
    • Less reliability on traditional power sources
    • Optimum usage of available roof area

Our rooftop projects have been established at several locations, such as:

  • 640 kWp Bharuch - Mahindra Susten

    640 kWp Bharuch

  • 1000 kWp Mumbai - Mahindra Susten

    1000 kWp Mumbai

  • 392 kWp Hyderabad - Mahindra Susten

    392 kWp Hyderabad

  • 118 kWp Chennai - Mahindra Susten

    118 kWp Chennai