Jalkiran - Mahindra Susten

Solar Water Pump

A photovoltaic solar water pump runs on the electricity generated by solar PV panels to drive water from ponds, deep wells, etc. up with the primary purpose of irrigating crops.

The Jalkiran initiative was taken keeping in mind the core of Mahindra’s philosophy of impacting rural lives positively.


Jalkiran – The Solar Water Pump is designed by Mahindra Susten With advanced features like: protection from Dry Run, low power, overload, overheating, and lighting arrester.

Jalkiran is also more economical for farmers in the long run.

It provides optimum performance with high starting torque and high output frequency controller.

Energy Efficient system

Higher water discharge and longer duty cycle.

Remote Monitoring System

RMS gives the flexibility to monitor system input/output data even when being miles away.

Simplified Torque-Vector Control

A unique feature to control voltage as per motor load.


Solar Water Pump - Mahindra Susten


Onboard memory card
Extendible memory
Local backup
50 MODBUS devices


A Solar Water Pump (SWP) system comprises of Photovoltaic (PV) modules, a pump controller, and a motor pump. The PV cell captures sunlight and converts it into energy, which is then modulated and regulated by the controller so as to supply suitable and clean power to run the pump.

The pump can extract water from an open well, bore-well, stream or underground reservoir. Typically, a 5HP pump can discharge 1,20,000 litres of water a day at 50 metres of head.

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