What is NodeXTM ?

Characterized by its intelligent gateway-cum-data logger, NODEX™ is highly compatible across industries. It is a solar PV monitoring system that tracks, collects, stores, analyzes, secures and pushes data to the cloud and local server, thus becoming a one-stop solution for all your data needs.


NodeX’s versatility allows it to communicate over technology like GPRS, 4G, wi-fi, ethernet [TCP/IP].

Data push can be done through FTP, MQTT & HTTP. This data is pushed to the cloud for big data analytics and can be visualized through our portal or on any third-party monitoring application.

Now, have access to this data wherever you are.

Easy to Install

The plug and play system lets the user configure utility. It has all the major OEM device libraries available along with the auto network selection feature.

Agile, Fluid Computation

Performance parameters and other domain-related KPIs can be calculated on NODEX’s Solar PV Monitoring System and pushed to the cloud as and when required.

No Internet, No problem

Data logging can be done for several days or months depending upon the parameter count.

Configurable Data Push Interval

Now users can configure the data push to cloud and data poll/log interval from remote device field.

Multiple connectivity option

We have NODEX™ variants with 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity options available. Shed the two-dimensional and embrace all four dimensions!

All-Round Compatibility

NODEX™ can communicate with machines over Modbus RTU/TCP protocols. We are adding many other protocols in due course of time.

Surge Protection

No more worries about the surge coming from connected devices. NODEX™ has surge protection up to 2kV.

Easy delivery and accessibility

NODEX™ can report to any client’s server. Just give us the path and the data will be delivered. Alternatively, you may access it with your login credentials on our cloud server.


Best in class quality at affordable cost


NODEX - Mahindra Susten


  • LED Indicators System: Power, Error, Signal Status, LAN: Link/Active, Serial: Tx, Rx
  • Reboot Trigger: Built-in WDT (watchdog timer)/Reset Button
  • Data Storage Interface: SD card/USB (has to be installed by client)
  • Dimension: (W x H x D) 55 x 110 x 145 mm
  • Mounting: DIN-rail, Wall
  • IP Rating: IP 20 (Default)
  • P 55 (Accessory) – optional
  • Port Type: RS-485
  • No of Ports: 3
  • Port Connector: Terminal Block
  • Data Bits: 7, 8
  • Stop Bits: 1, 2
  • Parity None: None, Odd, Even
  • Baud Rate: 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400
  • Serial Signals: RS-485: Data+, Data-GND
  • Protection : Up to 2 kV surge protection
  • Communication Protocol: Modbus RTU
  • Compatibility: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u
  • Speed: 10/100 Mbps
  • No. of Ports: 1
  • Port Connector: 8-pin RJ45
  • Protection: Built-in 1.5 KV magnetic isolation
  • Communication Type: Internet/Modbus TCP/IP
  • Wireless Technology: GPRS/Wi fi/4G/NB IOT (Needs to be selected at the time of ordering)
  • Data Push protocols: MQTT, FTP, HTTPS
  • Data Push Interval: 1 to N (mins)
  • Wired Communication: Ethernet (RJ45)

I/O Interfaces:

  • 2Ch. (Differential) – 0 to 5V
  • 2Ch. (Differential) – 4 to 20mA
  • 1Ch. PT100/PT1000
  • 4 Ch. DI (Sink Type, 2KV Isolation)
  • 4 Ch. DO (24V@100mA per channel, 2KV Isolation)

Other Interfaces:

  • Dimension: (W x H x D) 55 x 110 x 145 mm
  • Mounting: DIN-rail, Wall
  • IP Rating: IP 20 (Default)
  • IP 55 (Accessory) – optional
  • Power Input: 230VAC adaptor
  • Power Consumption: 2G: 10W 4G: 5W Wi-Fi: 4 W
  • Configuration Utility: NODEX™ Configuration Utility (Available for free download from product website)
  • OS Support: 32-bit/64-bit Windows XP/Vista/7/8,10
  • Operating Temperature: 10 ~ 60°C
  • Storage Temperature: 20 ~ 80°C
  • Operating Humidity: 5 ~ 95% RH
  • Standard Warranty: 1 year
  • Extendable Warranty: up to 5 years

*dimensions may depend on model selected

Our Product Offerings

Nodex Lite-Mahindra Susten
Nodex Prime - Mahindra Susten

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