The CSR vision of SUSTEN is to serve & give back to the communities within which we work.

The objective of this policy is to –The CSR Policy, formulated in alignment with the Vision of the Company, lays down guidelines and mechanisms to be adopted by the Company in order to carry out CSR Projects/Programs. All CSR Projects/Programs will be conceived & implemented through a focused approach towards target beneficiaries for generating maximum impact. CSR Projects/Programs of the Company may be carried out in partnership with credible implementing agencies.

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Basant Jain

CEO, Mahindra Susten

“In the emerging environment, there is a continued acceleration in the scale and speed of events, and strategic thinking needs to incorporate and good corporate governance and leadership in economic, social and environmental aspects. We believe that ‘Sustainability’ as a concept should not be viewed as some standalone initiative but an integral part of the business.


Good corporate governance is essential for sustained growth. A good governance structure fortified with tenets of transparency, integrity and accountability expands the horizon of growth for a company. It ensures robust shareholder returns, fosters excellence in operational performance and attracts employees, clients & partners. The corporate governance philosophy at Mahindra goes beyond ‘enhancing shareholder value’. We remain committed towards upholding industry-best practices while also ensuring ethical wealth generation and being a responsible corporate citizen.

Mahindra Susten being a part of Mahindra Group follows the Group’s Code of Conduct which are drafted to actualise our commitment to the core values. As the basis for our occupational identity, the Codes of Conduct imbue these core values in all actions of our employees. These Codes set clear guidelines on insider trading and disclosures to be made while handling Company shares and are drafted as per the required specifications of SEBI.


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