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With reduced tariffs, the Solar plant costs have reduced significantly in last few years. While the EPC industry has been continuously innovating to cut costs by design innovations and in some cases careful dilution of specifications in non-core areas, further cost cutting seemed to be a big challenge in near future. At Mahindra Susten, we realized this pressure from our esteemed customers and instead of playing with the quality of plants to further cut costs, we chose to offer a differentiated value based products based on our EPC experience, strong R&D, and Innovation strengths. These products include Tracker, Inverter Container, Combiner Box and MMS.

Our core objective is to deliver indigenously designed and developed best in class reliable products at economical rates to improve plant efficiencies.

The Mahindra Susten Product team has a dedicated team focussed on design, development, supply quality and execution of our Products. Innovation, Quality & Reliability is at the heart of component design. All products have been stress tested under harsh environmental conditions & accelerated cycling tests.

Module Mounting Structure - Mahindra Susten

Module Mounting
Structure (MMS)

UnIque Features

  • Plug and Play - Mahindra Susten

    Plug and Play

    Simple Design

  • Productivity - Mahindra Susten


    5X over other designs

  • Land Grading - Mahindra Susten

    Land GradIng

    2% slope suitable

  • Earthing - Mahindra Susten


    Costs reduced using serrated washers