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Let’s take you into a journey where ideas are transformed into reality and tomorrow’s technology is today’s breakthrough. Spread across 6 continents and 100+ countries, Mahindra & Mahindra, a USD 19 billion company and world’s largest Tractor company, embarks itself in the Forbes 2000 Global List. With over 2 lakh employees across the globe, each individual challenges the conventional thinking and believes in breaking fresh grounds of innovation and alternative thinking.

In line with the philosophy of innovation, Mahindra & Mahindra’s clean energy initiative gave birth to Mahindra Susten. A portfolio of 1.75 GW of Utility Scale, 15 MWp of rooftop/distributed, 1000 telecom towers and 15,00,000 sq. Ft of industrial construction, Mahindra Susten’s commitment towards renewable technology and its establishment as one of the best EPC companies, flourished in just 6 years.

Under the foray of solar innovation, Mahindra Susten introduced MSAT100TM, Mahindra Susten Azimuth Tracker. A solar tracking system follows the sun throughout the day and maximizes generation from solar panels, unlike fixed tilt systems. With gains ranging 18% to 22%, over fixed tilt, MSAT100TM, continued to develop as a viable alternative to fixed tilt for utility scale solar plants. Let’s have a look at what makes MSAT100TM a reliable, cost-effective and innovative model:

  • Easier to Install system
  • Plug & Play Technology
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Self-Lubricated, In-house Bearings
  • Intelligent Solar Controller
  • ERTL, Accelerated life & Environmentally Tested
  • Flexible Business Model: Supply Only or Supply with Services
  • Best in class features & cost efficient

Though there had been much debate through the early times that whether it was better for utilities to stick with the well-known standard fixed tilt option or switch to a lesser known technology and boost production. One of the biggest consideration for MSAT100TM was about maintenance, hence, the tracker was designed with utmost simplicity, installation ease and as a maintenance free system. Mahindra Susten’s Single axis tracking system MSAT100TM is not only a Plug & play system but also a system which is environmentally tested and third party validated. Hence, MSAT100TM establishes itself as a “go-to” solution, with its plug and track methodology, simplicity & reliability.

Our esteemed customer portfolio includes Renew Power, Premier Solar, PSS, Fonroche, etc. Proving our say, till now we have supplied around 1000+ trackers, with an installation record of 28.2 MWp at various sites in India, inclusive of 5.5 MWp in Thailand, and around 260+ MW under installation.

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