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Mahindra Susten’s Solar Water Pump

A photovoltaic solar powered pump system is typically made up of three distinct parts:

  • solar panels
  • the controller
  • the pump

The solar panels make up most (up to 80%) of the solar water pump system cost.

The size of the PV-system is directly proportionate to the size of the pump that is being installed; the amount of water that is required and the solar irradiance available.

The purpose of the controller is two-fold. First, it matches the output power that the pump receives with the input power available from the solar panels. Second, a controller usually provides a low voltage protection, wherein the system is switched off, if the voltage is too low or too high for the operating voltage range of the pump. This increases the lifetime of the pump thus reducing the need for maintenance.

Voltage of the solar pump motors can be AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current). Direct current motors are used for small to medium applications up to 3 kW rating, and are suitable for applications such as garden fountains, landscaping, drinking water for livestock, or small irrigation projects.
If an alternating current solar pump is used, an inverter (VFD) is required that changes the direct current from the solar panels into alternating current for the pump. The supported power range of inverters extends from 0.15 to 55 kW and can be used for larger irrigation systems. However, the panel and inverters must be sized accordingly to accommodate the inrush characteristic of an AC motor.

Mahindra Susten range in Solar Water pump:

HP LPM Total Head Shut off Dynamic Head
3 567 10 15
3 284 20 25
5 1007 10 15
5 504 20 30
10 1710 10 25
HP LPM Total Head Shut off Dynamic Head
3 133 50 75
3 91 70 100
5 213 50 10
5 146 70 100
5 96 100 150
7.5 299 50 70
7.5 205 70 100
7.5 134 100 150
  • AC Submersible / Surface water pump range from 3HP to 10 HP
  • Mono block heavy duty pumps
  • Hybrid controller compatible for net metering applications
  • Multi stage dual axis tracking structure mechanism.