Workers should be able to work in an environment which protects and promotes their health. Improving health and well-being opportunities in a work setting helps employers and employees create workplaces that support healthy choices and well-being. Safety and health of workers has a positive impact on productivity and reduces costs related to absenteeism, lost productivity, turnover, workers' compensation and medical and disability claims, as well as improving the employer's image as a positive and caring organization.

Mahindra Susten has gone way beyond the basic rights and obligations that have been set In form of legislations for both the employees and employer under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Acts, 2005 and 2010 by undertaking several Health and Safety initiatives for its employees and on-site laborers.

  • Preventive

    Preventive health measures are an Important part of our health promotion efforts. They help in diagnosing the health condition and also make efforts to develop a positive health conscious culture

  • Annual Health Checkup For
    Employees And Spouse

    Good Health is not something we can buy, however, It can be an extremely valuable savings account. Believing in this statement, Mahindra Susten conducts annual health checkups for employee and spouse. The test results are shared with the employee and his/her spouse so that they can take necessary preventive or remedial actions for the well-being of their health.

  • Medical Health Check-up Camps For
    Workmen And Laborers

    To look after the health of the workmen and their family members at project sites, medical check-up camps are being organized by Susten. These medical camps are being organized in tie-ups with nearby hospitals. A holistic medical check-up is done including, eye, blood pressure, blood, urine and pediatric tests.

Appreciating Near Misses

Safety Pyramid data regarding near miss, minor incidents. first aid instances and major accidents is captured and analyzed on a regular basis. There have been 0 reportable accidents till date. Our Safety Pyramid figures as benchmarked against industry standards are as follows: We regularly monitor near misses to avoid reportable accidents. We have created a culture to encourage employees to report near misses and take action on time through a reward and recognition program "appreciating near misses". The road towards absolute safety is ever-changing and never-ending. It is also a path of continuous learning. Believing in the statement, we engage with employees on our Safety Policies and procedures through safety training for all our officers as well as workmen. Training Programmes Include Safety Induction, Standard Operating Procedures Training, Fire-Fighting Preparedness, Emergency Response Training and First Aider Training. All our work sites are ensured to be safety standards compliant with personal protective equipment being provided to the workmen wherever and whenever required. Creating a safe work environment helps to retain staff and maximize productivity. It also helps to avoid unnecessary costs and damage to the business caused by workplace injury and illness. Successfully managing health and safety Issues to the lowest possible risk levels is integral to the way we do business. We continually evaluate our health and safety principles and procedures throughout our operations.

These initiatives have not only ensured better Health and Safety for our employees & workmen but have also instilled confidence and strengthened the belief of the employees in the company.

Project Site Entry Procedure

All personnel present at project site are required to possess an Identification card. Access to the site shall only be via the designated security gate entrance(s) where the identification card of Susten Employee, Site Worker or Visitor shall be issued. All personnel are expected to carry their ID card at all times whilst on site.

  • Temp. Gate Pass
  • Permanent Gate Pass
  • Visitor Gate Pass
  • Vehicle Gate Pass

Training Hall & Poster display regarding safety

Posters and displays are meant to reach a large number of people on the move with brief and simple messages.

  • To remind workers of common human traits that can cause accidents.
  • To impress workers with the good sense of working safely.
  • To suggest behavioural patterns which help prevent accidents.
  • To inspire a friendly interest in the Company’s Safety Effort.
  • To remind workers of specific hazards.
  • To foster the attitude that accidents can be prevented and safety is a mark of skill.

Project HSE Induction Training

New entrants/ visitors at sites are provided Induction Training that include :

  • The HSE Policy
  • Site HSE procedures, programs and safe systems of work to be followed relating to the activities to be performed; e.g. the permit to work system, JHAs, etc.
  • Health, safety and environmental awareness
  • Hazard reporting and incident reporting
  • Emergency response and evacuation
  • Site access and egress
  • Site amenities, including their location

Medical Fitness Check-up

Check-up Detail :- Height, Weight, Blood group, Sugar, B.P, Apex beat, Heart sound, Eye External Examination (colour, vision)

First Aid & Emergency Vehicle

Fully equipped Medical Check-up Room with permanent First aider & 24 Hours ambulance service at site Locations. And 10% project manpower certified first aider through external agencies.

Training summarised

  • Health

    • First Aid Training
    • Medical Checkup
    • Occupational Health O&T Training
    • Hospital Tie-up
    • Competency Certificatev
    • Drinking water testing awareness
    • Sanitation facility awareness
    • Rest shed awareness
    • Heat Stroke Mock drill

  • Safety

    • Induction Training
    • Tool Box Talk
    • Fire Fighting Training
    • Emergency Response training
    • Excavation work Training
    • Electrical Safety Training
    • 5S Training
    • Confined Space Training
    • Height Work Training
    • Hot work Training
    • Fire, Height work Mock Drill

  • Environment

    • EIA Training
    • Environment Day Campaign
    • Environment Management Induction
    • Oil Leakage Mock Drill
    • Water conservation
    • Energy Conservation
    • Oil Conservation

HSE Audit & Inspection

  • AudIt

    - Contractor HSE Audit
    - Individual Procedure Compliance Audit
    - Management HSE Walk
    - Internal HSE Audit
    - Audit by Certification body

  • InspectIon

    - Routine HSE inspection of Site
    - Fire Extinguisher Inspection
    - Lifting Tools Tackles Inspection
    - Electrical Inspection (LOTO System)
    - Portable tools inspection
    - Material Handling Equipment Inspection

Measurements of air quality, noise level, water quality

  • Air contamination

    PUC check for vehicles | DG emission check | Ambient Air Quality

  • Noise pollution

    DB level within limits | Noise level for machines | Ear muffs where needed

  • Water Quality

    Drinking Water | Water Quality for Module Cleaning

  • Waste segregation

    Plastic | Bio degradable | Electronic/hazardous