Key focus sectors

  • Rural infrastructure

  • Health and

  • Women empowerment &
    reduce social inequality

  • Environment protection & restoration

Total ESOPS hours clocked
in from April 2015 to July 2016
No. of volunteer
recorded from April 2015 to July 2016

Third Party Assessments done

Impact assessment - conducted for 50 MW, Bijeypur, Morena

Need assessment conducted for 2 sites - 100 MW Renew, Mehbubnagar and 350MW Soft Bank, Kurnool

Need Assessment in Telangana


The project selection has been possible by engaging different stakeholders by targeting different focus areas, like environment, education, healthcare, rural infrastructure and swatch bharat.

  • Interactions with School Teachers, Kurnool

  • Interactions with Social Forestry DFO, Kurnool


Ponakal, Raichella, Guddibanda villages of Mahabobnagar; Ghani and Brahmanpalli villages of Kurnool
ESOPs Hours Recorded: 90 | ESOPs Volunteers Recorded: 6

  • Interaction with school teachers and students, kurnool

  • Interactions with Village Community, Mahaboobnagar

Impact Assessment in Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh


The impact assessment was conducted on the 9th and 10th April, where we interacted with different stakeholders and beneficiaries targeting our projects Samantar, Gram Vikas, Gyaandeep and Green Guardian.

  • Interaction with Senior Citizens and their family for Project Samantar:
    Education for Adults

  • Interaction with sarpanch on Project Green guardians:
    Cleaning of River Koari


Ponakal, Raichella, Guddibanda villages of Mahabobnagar; Ghani and Brahmanpalli villages of Kurnool
ESOPs Hours Recorded: 90 | ESOPs Volunteers Recorded: 6

  • Interaction with School authorities on Project Gram Vikas:
    School boundary wall and flooring construction

  • Interaction with girl students on
    Project Nidar Beti


Blood donation drives are being organized across sites. It has now become regular activity amongst Mahindra Susten’s internal stakeholders to donate blood for community welfare. We are closely aligned with our HSE motto of zero impact of human life to the Social value of human life. Hence,we have 230 registered blood donors who donated blood as a part of this project.

Swachh Bharat

The Susten team is also a part of the Swacch Bharat Mission where they enthusiastically deploy members to work towards cleaner surroundings and engage in community level participation and awareness on sanitation and healthcare. A recent intervention in this area was the beautification of Mumbai’s age-old Andheri station. This involved painting of the entrance, signage, booking office walls, foyer, staircases and pillars. The team recorded more than 341 ESOPs hours, which was spent in filling colours in sketches and designs made by the core team. 25 employees from Susten also participated in cleaning Sangivi ghat at Nirmal site which is one of the nodal sources of drinking water in the village. Besides this, we have made interventions at our site location which include inculcating community awareness through participatory approach, installingDust bins, removal of garbage from the villages, Mowing tracks and conducting community mobilization to help create cleaner and greener surroundings.

Making more play friendly schools by creating play scapes using industrial scraps

60% of village schools don’t have any playgrounds, which effects the attendance levels, school drop outs and quality of learning through play. Mahindra Susten, after partnering with experts has designed of a kind play scape made in India using industrial waste like industrial waste like oil drums, cable drums, steel cable drums and wooden pellets.Unique design:Susten has achieved another milestone in sustainability by bringing in the vital reduce, recycle and reuse concepts in upcycling of industrial waste These play scapes help bring back play to the children who don’t have the luxury of urban playgrounds. This is a one of a kind play scape made in India using the industrial waste from a solar park, and must be adopted as a best practice amongst companies to imbibe sustainability and environmental consciousness.

As per our 3rd party need assessment conducted the school children revealed their interest in obtaining sports equipment like football, cricket bats and balls, etc. for their school. The school was provided with a playground as well as a Physical Education teacher. However, the students were unable to learn any sport because of the lack of sports equipment. A notable observation was that, as opposed to general stereotypes regarding girls in rural India, girls in this school were equally enthusiastic about sports equipment as boys were.

School Ceiling Refurbishment in Secondary School of Rawra

The ceiling was in a dilapidated condition and during monsoons the water would seep through the walls making it difficult for students to be seated and made to study there.

ESOPs Hours Recorded: 84
No. of ESOPs volunteers: 2
Estimated Expenditure: 3Lakh.

The site engineers spend their time in evaluating the immediate need, getting required quotation for the work and then finally monitoring the work and it’s progress. Duration: 2 Months

Hamara Swaasth Hamare Haath: Sanitation Drive

Coverage: Tanda, Gudibanda, Raichella and Ponnakal

Impact: Awareness and Sensitization helps the students in practicing a healthy and disease free lifestyle.

Estimated Cost: 5000

  • 650 students were trained through sanitation & preventive health practices drive.

  • 64 ESOPs hours recorded by
    8 employees in two schools.

  • Teaching the right technique of
    hand wash

ESOPs Activities Planned for August

Conduct a blood donation camp in association with Arpan blood bank.

Swatch Bharat Mission:
Engage employees to clean the nearest municipal hospital.

Organize a plantation drive in Kurnool and Ponakkal to fulfil commitment of 2000 plantations in FY17.

  • Hariyali target = 2000 tress

    - Plant 5 tress for every tree
    we clear at every site

  • ESOPS target = 1600 person hours

    - Cover more than 70% employees
    - 4-5 hours / employee