The concept: AttItude matters

Inclusion is the end game

Inclusiveness is how we come together. Feel involed, respected, connected, their perspectives are sought after and leveraged, and they are included in formal and informal work-related networks.

It is simply the collective mix of who we are as individuals
Colour, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy, caste, disability, union membership, ethnicity, or religious beliefs.

The Need

Indian workforce is more diverse than ever before

  • More women are working than ever before
  • India has younger workforce than any other economy
  • The number of migrants from one state to another has increased
  • Caste and religious diversity is increasing

The service economy

  • Interactions between people are key
  • Customer base is more diverse
  • Similarities between people ease process

Globalization of business

  • Doing business with people from around world

The changing labor market
Company mergers and buy-outs

The Structure

Role of group diversity council

Harnessing the power of diversity for inclusion andbusiness outperformance

To play the role of thought leaders in propagating an awareness on diversity

To provide strategic direction in tie context of diversity with respect to identifying the right initiatives aligned to business

“As an organisation, we are committed to ensuring that the work environment at all our locations is conducive to fair, safe and harmonious relations between employees. Discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited. Sexual harassment at the workplace is a form of discrimination and misconduct and is therefore unacceptable. Mahindra Susten has a zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment.”

In case of any concern, please reach out to the Internal Complaints Committee.

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