About Us

Corporate story

Enabling sustainability is our forte.

Mahindra Susten is the 'Cleantech' arm of the Mahindra group driven by and committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions. Mahindra Susten offers diversified services within the renewable energy and clean tech space. A leading player in the Indian solar energy sector, with over 1210 MWp commissioned to date and over 1990 MWp under execution, Mahindra Susten's services spans across turnkey solar EPC services - both utility scale solar and rooftop solar, solar DG hybrid solutions, solar products, solar car charging stations, telecom tower Solarization, solar PV O&M and analytics, engineering services, energy management services and industrial build solutions.

In 2011, our operations commenced with the turnkey execution of a 5 MW grid connected solar PV project, over the last 7 years we have climbed to a dominant position in this industry. The company has stepped into green industrial construction with over 50,00,000 sq. ft. at various stages of execution. Our team of more than 850 initiates innovation at every step to provide 360 degree smart and sustainable solutions - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

That is our process. That is our commitment. Powered by innovation, driven by quality and fuelled by excellence, we are uniquely positioned to enable every Indian business, household and individual to RISE with clean and smart solutions.

BusIness segments

Extending our range of services to you, for every size and requirement.

Brand PIllars

  • Integrity

    At no point will the organization undertake any actions that go against the non-negotiable values of Mahindra Group

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability stands not only for environmental efficiency but also in terms of processes. It is ingrained in our very DNA and reflects in every single decision taken by us.

  • Going Beyond

    The organization will go beyond mere customer and employee expectations and always strive to delight.

  • Forward Thinkers

    Anticipate hurdles, innovate, make positive changes, incremental improvements and embrace a proactive and critical attitude.