Mahindra Susten through its Utility Scale Solar business undertakes turnkey EPC projects around the globe across the life of the plant, from solar panel installation, site survey and feasibility report to the lifetime maintenance of the plant. We are an Indian company that offers an array of services. This enables us to ensure that our clients have all the resources they need to build a backable project.

Through our third party utility EPC service offering Our customers today are proud owners of some of India’s finest plants with 2% – 5% higher generation as compared to other plants of similar capacities. In-house design and engineering team, efficient construction teams and deep industry and technology know-how are our forte.

Our customers also enjoy the benefits of the advisory services that help them understand and gain clarity on aspects of financing, policies, land, fiscal benefits, and regulatory approvals to successfully install solar power plants. Mahindra Susten goes beyond the contract and their value engineering to ensure customers reap the maximum benefits. Mahindra Susten goes beyond the contract and provides value engineering ideas to ensure that customers reap maximum benefits.


Mahindra Susten is one of the largest renewable energy EPC company in India, recently foraying into international markets. Our global portfolio stands at over 3937MWp of projects at various stages of execution including a 672MWp international project portfolio.

Execution and under construction MWs:

4212 MWp Total portfolio

350  MWp Under Execution

3862 MWp Projects Executed


In-house design as well as engineering team

Efficient construction team

Advisory services

Thorough Quality Check Processes

 ISO Certified documentation Process


Our projects tell the story of Mahindra Susten’s efficiency
and commitment to excellence.

ACWA Energy - Mahindra Susten

  • Capacity: 405MWp (under execution)
  • Project Duration: 12 Months
  • Technology: Poly Crystalline & Single Axis Tracker
  • Expected Generation: 940Mn units/year
  • Location: Sakaka, Saudi Arabia

6MWp PSS Group - Mahindra Susten

  • Capacity: 6MWp
  • Project Duration: 3 Months
  • Technology: Mono Crystalline + Poly Crystalline & Fixed Tilt + Single Axis Tracker
  • Location: Thailand

SoftBank Energy - Mahindra Susten

  • Capacity: 260MWp
  • Project Duration: 6 Months
  • Technology: Poly Crystalline
  • Generation: 390Mn units/year
  • Location: Ghani, Telangana

ReNEw Power - Mahindra Susten

  • Capacity: 120MWp
  • Project Duration: 3 Months
  • Technology: Poly Crystalline Fixed Tilt
  • Generation: 180Mn Units/Year
  • Location: Mahabubnagar, Telangana

SBG Cleantech-Mahindra Susten

  • Capacity: 145MWp
  • Technology: Poly Crystalline Fixed Tilt
  • Location: Bhadla (please confirm), Rajasthan


Mahindra Susten’s services spans across turnkey solar EPC services – Utility scale solar, Distributed solar (Solar rooftops), engineering services and asset management services. Mahindra Susten offers these services in the Indian Subcontinent and other Global regions such as MENA, South East Asia, LATAM and Europe

While selecting an EPC company all aspects of EPC i.e. Engineering strength, Procurement efficiency and Construction credibility at site are to be assessed from a holistic point of view. A suitable EPC company should be selected based on the following:

  1. Proven track records and experience of executing projects on time
  2. Engineering and Design Innovation capability
  3. Quality standards, practices and compliances to most updated certifications
  4. Diversified execution experience in different locations with difficult terrains, landscapes and strict timelines
  5. Environment, Health and Safety policy
  6. Financial capabilities
  7. Superior Plant performance parameters i.e. generation (MUs) & Performance ratio (PR %)

Electricity act 2003 provides provisions for Non-discriminatory use of transmission lines or distribution system or associated facilities with such lines or system by any licensee or consumer or a person under the open access policy.
Open Access enables users having heavy electrical load with more than 1 MW connected load to buy cheap power from the open market. Most demand in open access is coming from high electricity charges paying industrial & commercial consumers.

In the Captive model, buyer owns the power generating asset after either making upfront capital invesment or under OPEX model in which PPA is signed between buyer and selller for each unit of electricity generation at generator / load bus bar. Solar power generated is used for the corporate buyer’s self-consumption while in Group Captive model, there are multiple buyers using the power generated from a common project.

Mahindra Susten offers diversified services within the renewable energy and clean tech space. A leading player in the Indian solar energy sector, with over 2000 MWp commissioned to date and over 1990 MWp under execution. We believe in providing best quality services and experience to our customers without any compromise.

Powered by innovation, driven by quality and fuelled by excellence, we are uniquely positioned to enable every Indian business, household and individual to RISE with clean and smart solutions.

The PV plant performance is affected majorly by selecting good quality components and workmanship quality for the project. The key factors which leads to maximum plant efficiency include:

  1. Module, inverter, MMS and other equipment’s quality and type
  2. Designing and Engineering methodology
  3. Weather conditions
  4. Effect of surroundings like nearby industries, factories etc
  5. On site construction technique and project management processes

Generally, we require Project Capacity, DC/AC Ratio, Site location, Co-ordinates, Boundary details (.KMZ and .CAD file ), Power Purchase Agreement (copy), Geotechnical report, Topography survey report, technical requirements /Request for Proposal (RFP) to work on an EPC proposal. These level of detail requirements may vary from proposal to proposal and can be discussed further for different projects.

For Critical aspects such as Engineering, Design and Procurement, we have dedicated In-house teams. The Project engineering and construction activities are also supervised by dedicated the house team. For certain construction works at site, we outsource part of the scope to subcontractors who are qualified and are empanelled with us. We continually evaluate their work and have a stringent qualification criteria while selecting a third party vendor for part of the job / scope in the PV project.

Yes, we have a dedicated team to take care of the approvals from government as per requirement. Generally we prefer all project construction related approvals in EPC scope of work while project related approvals are provided by the IPPs / Clients and scope of same may vary from project to project and from location to location.

In general, usable land area of 4.5-5 acres per MW is sufficient for constructon of a solar PV project. Though based on the location and latitude of project site technology requirements, DC overloading and pitch, tilt of the MMS, area required may vary from project to project basis.

For a 100 MW project scale, it usually takes 6-8 months to execute a project. It may vary depending on the project capacity, location, scope of work (i.e. whether substation is in EPC scope) and month of commissioning (i.e. Rainy season)

The design plant life of a Solar PV Projects is assumed at 25 years.

iLSTK stands for Integrated Lumpsum turnkey project where land along with EPC solution is provided by the Solar EPC company.
Yes, Mahindra Susten can support in arranging land for such projects based on agreeable commercial terms and conditions with the client. We have a dedicated team for arranging land suitable for development of such projects.

We have latest ISO certificiations and compliances for executing solar projects in India and across various selected geographies in the World. We have below set of certifications available:

  1. ISO 9001:2015
  2. ISO 14001:2015
  3. OHSAS 18001:2007
  4. Integrated management System Policy

We have executed projects at most of the locations in India like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Odisha. Outside India, we have executed one project in Thailand, one supply project in Australia and another one is at completion stage in Saudi Arabia.

The minimum capacity project executed is 1 MW/1.1 MWp and maximum is 250 MW/350 MWp. The maximum capacity project is the uniquely designed project based out of Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, with string inverter technology and record breaking commissioning timeline.

There are various CSR Projects / Programs conceived and implemented by Mahindra Susten, through a focused approach towards target beneficiaries for generating maximum impact. It includes Project Sehat, Project Suryashakti, Project Gram Vikas, Project Samantar (Sustainability team might add better here).

The scope of the project is based on client requirements. Generally MSPL prefers taking turnkey projects but the scope varies from project to project and customer to customer based on RFP requirements.
MSPL works in the below mentioned categories:
– Turnkey project
– BoS (Balance of System Solar) project
– Open acess/Captive/Group captive projects under both CAPEX and OPEX business models
– iLSTK with land

Yes, we have a dedicated team to take care of open access/Captive/Group captive projects. We have recently commissioned a captive solar project of 30 MWp DC capacity in Rajasthan for one of the biggest conglomerates in India. The distinctive feature of the plant is that it is built on a top of a dump yard.

It may vary from project to project basis, also depends on certain commercial terms and conditions to be agreed by both parties i.e. MSPL and Client.

No, MSPL doesn’t manufacture modules. However, we have a very stringent process to qualify module vendors and specify our own bill of materials (BOM) to ensure the quality of the modules being used for the plants.

MSPL prefers to use proven TIER I suppliers for PV modules and have used key manufacturers like Longi, Canadian Solar, Trina and Hanwa modules etc. which are installed at our own development projects.

When modules are in Developer scope, we help our customers in identifying best in class PV module specifications on backsheets, glass and other safety components as critical parameters. Based on project scope and agreed terms with the customer we also help in testing & inspection of PV modules at factory locations.

We do have our own PV Mobile lab used for testing EL, flash test, IR Thermography, IV Curve testing across various phases of the project timeline as per the scope agreed with the customers.

Yes, Mahindra Susten has its own technical specifications/standards in place to execute a solar project with the best plant performance and durability. However, if as an independent power producer there are certain specific things needed, they can be incorporated additionally, and we could provide the plant design as per the IPP’s RFP or lenders RFP.

Warranties can be discussed on a project to project basis to suit the need of end customers. In general and in line with solar industry practice, Defect Liability Period (DLP) of 2 years from the date of commissioning is provided for the project. Equipment warranties from the manufacturer if higher than DLP period are provided on a back to back basis and will vary from product to product.