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Save money and planet by opting for solar rooftop solutions for (1kW to 200kW) residential, commercial, industrial and office buildings.

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Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner or an SME (Small & Medium Enterprise), going solar can eliminate your electricity bill or reduce it significantly that electricity costs are no longer a major factor in your monthly expense. Your savings from solar depend on factors such as how much area is available to put up solar panels, how much electricity you consume and the tariff that you pay for
electricity. Since the savings you realize are the electricity costs that you avoid by going solar, you will save even more the electricity tariffs are high in your region and when they continue to rise year-on-year. Going solar will protect you from the rising electricity costs and will grow your savings over 25+ life of your solar panel system.

As a simple rule of thumb, 100 sq ft. of shadow-free roof can accommodate 1kW of solar panels.

Depending on your region and the solar irradiation available, a 1 kW solar panel system can generate between 3-4.5 kWh of electricity a day on average, or 1100-1600 kWh of electricity a year. So if you have 100 sq ft. of shadow-free rooftop area available, your solar panel system can generate 1100-1600 units of electricity per year.

Solar panels are compatible with most types of roofs. The best type of roof for solar panels is a south facing roof devoid of shadow-casting obstructions. Solar panels tend to generate more electricity when they face the sun when it is at its most intense for the longest period of time.

If you know the shadow-free area available on your roof, you can evaluate your roof’s solar potential right away using our solar calculator.

Or you could schedule a site survey and let our experts assess your roof’s solar potential. During a site survey, our solar experts assess unused rooftop area for incidence of shadows through the year. They can advise you on the best way to maximise electricity generation and can also recommend suitable technologies to boost your supply with the home solar system kit. Whether your roof is concrete, metallic or non-metallic, our experts can advise you on the best way to mount the solar panels on the roof.

Following are the typical steps:

  1. You can schedule a site survey to let our experts propose the right for you to You can schedule a site survey to let our experts propose the right Solar Power System for you.
  2. Finalize the order and make payment. You can also avail loan/financing from one of our partners.
  3. Our certified technicians deliver the material at your premise in a single lot to our logistics partners deliver the material safely at your premise in a single lot.
  4. Our certified technicians install the solar panel system on your roof.
  5. Our partners obtain required approvals from your local electrical utility.
  6. Our partners install net-metering and connect your system to the grid.

Voila.! You are ready to go.

Yes, you can avail financing to go solar. You can choose from one of our partnering financial institutions an easy EMI that suits your needs.

A solar rooftop system is nearly maintenance-free. All you need to do is to clean the solar rooftop once every two weeks for a healthy electricity generation. Our technicians will guide you one how keep the solar rooftop clean.