Buildings and Factories

Providing Sustainable Design & Construction Solutions


Mahindra Susten offers end to end sustainable Design Buildings and Factories through alternative construction practices, innovative technology and research & analytics based design.

Sustainability, being our core focus, is embedded in all our design & construction processes which result in the reduced buildings and energy footprint, better resource utilization and generating lesser waste.


Buildings and Factories aspires to be a leading Sustainable Design Buildings and Factories provider for not just Industrial Process Plants, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, and Hospitality and sustainable infrastructure. Taking initiative in applying emerging technologies in the Indian context, we collaborate all disciplines of design, construction, and client nominated vendors/specialist contractors on a single platform. Incorporating Buildings Information Model (BIM) from the initial stages of the project to keep a constant feedback loop of information, which gets duly updated at each subsequent stage of the project, we ‘guarantee’ on Benchmarked Quality, Cost and Time.