Mahindra Susten is committed to sustainability in every initiative, and this extends to our dedication and belief towards giving back to the environment and nature. We allocate a certain amount of ESOP man-hours every year, to enrich local biodiversity and to initiate efficient employee engagement.


Promoting Biodiversity is one of the important pillar of Mahindra Sustainability Framework. Mapping flora & fauna species at site is the preliminary step towards promoting Biodiversity. We have collaborated with CII IBBI & Corbett Foundation to map Biodiversity at Nirmal, Charanka, Goyalri, Rewa & Tandur site. The main driver of this assessment was to implement Biodiversity Action Plan at all our Devco sites & also promote Biodiversity amongst all our Stakeholders.

We have also conducted Biodiversity & livelihood Assessment together to establish community connect with Biodiversity & devise some specific livelihood programs related to Biodiversity which will further result into awareness & respect for the flora, fauna species in & around site.

Susten has planted 4870 saplings in & around our sites & the survival rate is more than 80 %.

We have planted 2 species of mangroves (Avicennia Marina, Rizophora Mucronata) at Bhandup Pumping Station.

We have developed butterfly habitat in CBD Belapur & also at Nirmal Site.
We have also launched facebook page on Biodiversity to promote the same amongst our employees.

Personal Sustainability

In today’s scenario Personal Sustainability will be one of the major contributor towards Planet & Organization Sustainability. We are now learning how to live more sustainable lifestyles. We’ve replaced trips to the mall with trips to the gym. We are walking more, smoking less, and paying more attention to what we eat. Our cities are developing green infrastructure to reduce the impact of flooding on our streets and waterways. We are learning how to share autos, cabs and even homes when we travel.We see a positive growing trend of inclination of our employees towards personal sustainability activities. Few of the indicators are

  • 150 employees signed the petition on Say no to Plastics. All Plastic utensils & PET bottles from Rewa site has been replaced by jugs & steel utensils
  • Employees opting for Green Consumerism by purchasing LED lights for personal use.
  • Employees participating in Personal Sustainability Challenge like Biodiversity Photography Challenge, Health Challenge, Composting Challenge, Swachh Bharat Challenge & Reduction in self-Electricity Bills.

Reward & Recognition

We encourage employees to take up challenges on Personal Sustainability, to adopt a Sustainable lifestyle through various Reward & Recognition forums

  • Fortum Finland
    Representative Site Visit

  • Customary plantation by visitors @ site
    Renew power - CEO visit

Backyard farming at Susten managed solar sites
13,000 sqft of land developed for backyard farming / local crop cultivation with surplus distributed among community

“ Butterfly Habitat creation”
is an attempt to create a green zone, which can support local biodiversity. The dual purpose of the drive being the creation of green environment and conserving biodiversity

1000 saplings planted | 39 employees volunteered | 215 man-hours of Esops