• Principal of school at

    Earlier, our female students used to be very shy and quiet, and were reluctant to speak in class or during any cultural activity. When they started attending the Nidar Beti classes, the participation of female students in plays and other group activities increased gradually. Now, not only do they freely speak when they are around, they speak openly to boys. Apart from this we feel that the self-defence training has also made them more disciplined.

  • Amrit Rawal, employee,

    I joined Susten as office boy and now I am a technical helper at the plant. Due to the Stable income from the job, I have invested money along with my father to construct our own Pakka house at our Village. I have also bought a motor cycle on which I travel every day to the Plant site.

  • Mr. Pahad Singh
    Ex-Sarpanch of Rawra

    Mahindra Susten’s entry into our village has resulted in both losses well as gains. We lost lands that were used for agriculture and to graze animals. But all the villagers will agree that what we gained was much more significant. Migration level has reduced by 90%.

  • Angaanwadi worker of
    the village

    Once the Primary Health Care (PHC) was built 3 year ago, the ANM lady started staying in the Village. She is very helpful to all the women and we trust her very much. She is very good and gives the right medicines to each one. I thank Mahindra Susten people for constructing the PHC and helping her to stay in our village.