Environmental Performance

We are committed to the environment by creating innovative solutions to minimize impact and optimize resource conservation. 'Alternative thinking', one of our Rise Pillars continues to enable us to unearth effective ways of conserving and optimising the finite natural resources bequeathed to us. We strongly believe that ecology and economics are not contradictory, but complementary to each other. Hence, we consider environmental efficiency as a business competency and invest time and money to enhance this efficiency.

The great aspect of our business is that increase in power generation not only increases the economic benefits of our client but, being solar power, it also reduces the GHG emissions of our country while strengthening our energy security. We measure our environmental performance on absolute as well as specific consumption. The specific consumption is calculated by dividing absolute consumption by a denominator. For our business MWh i.e. Mega Units of Power Generation is our denominator.

Our Power Generation of around 130890 MWh this year has led to the reduction of close to 90000 Metric Tons of CO2 emissions. We have also consistently been measuring our GHG emissions through means of our Paper consumption and Travel. Not only have we been consistently measuring our emissions, we have been actively driving initiatives to restrict the rate of their increase vis-a-vis the rate of increase in our production.

  • Energy

    Energy, in all its forms, underpins both the past and future growth. India needs to address its energy challenges, which cross all sectors and impact all citizens. Despite a 52 GW capacity addition during the implementation of the nation's 11th Five Year Plan, there is a 12 GW shortage to electrify all the non-electrified rural areas inhabited by more than 300 million people. This has resulted in extreme pressures on the nation's energy resources. Thus we consider it highly important for us to play our part in the energy conservation. All our office electrical equipment is energy efficient.

    Note: The increase in the values is due to increased scope of reporting from the previous years.

  • Water

    Huge amount of water is needed to produce electricity from any source and water shortages lead to increased energy demand to pump groundwater, creating a self-perpetuating vicious cycle. Though, the water consumption of producing power from solar energy using Photovoltaic (PV) technology is a fraction of that of coal, the major challenge arises from the fact that most of the solar power plants are coming up in arid and desert regions that are already water stressed. Our operations should not worsen the water availability in those regions as we may antagonise the community and put our business in jeopardy.

    Note: The increase in the values is due to increased scope of reporting from the previous years.