Following the sun for a greener tomorrow


With reduced tariffs, the Solar plant costs have reduced significantly in last few years. While the EPC industry has been continuously innovating to cut costs by design innovations and in some cases careful dilution of specifications in non-core areas, further cost cutting seemed to be a big challenge in near future. At Mahindra Susten, we realized this pressure from our esteemed customers and instead of playing with the quality of plants to further cut costs, we chose to offer a differentiated value based products based on our EPC experience, strong R&D, and Innovation strengths. These products include Tracker, Inverter Container, Combiner Box and MMS.

Our core objective is to deliver indigenously designed and developed best in class reliable products at economical rates to improve plant efficiencies.

The Mahindra Susten Product team has a dedicated team focussed on design, development, supply quality and execution of our Products. Innovation, Quality & Reliability is at the heart of component design. All products have been stress tested under harsh environmental conditions & accelerated cycling tests.

With over 270MW under various stages of execution Our flagship product MSAT 100 is on its way to becoming the Tracker choice for Indian Market.

Our customers include GRT, Rane, Kiran Solar, Saketh Solar, Premier Solar and Mahindra & Mahindra.

A sustainable solution for your solar power generation requirement

  • Ease of InstallatIon

    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Fire alarm & access card system
    • Duct and room temperature sensors
    • Fire rated door with panic bar locking system

  • Safety

    • Plug and Play Solution
    • Pre-wired accessories
    • Pre-fabricated Staircase
    • Fully customized & pre-assembled at factory

  • EnvIronmental ProtectIon

    • Compact plug & play system
    • High dimensional accuracy
    • Improved structural stability
    • Integrated bus connected fuse box with monitoring
    • Self Aux power

  • OptImIzed DesIgn

    • Plug and Play Solution
    • Pre-wired accessories
    • Pre-fabricated Staircase
    • Fully customized & pre-assembled at factory

  • O&M Ease

    • Manometers to monitor filter pressure
    • Indication for timely cleaning of air filtration
    • Controlled environment for maximizing generation

  • EffIcIent VentIlatIon System

    • VFD based efficient design
    • +ve pressure system for 100% dust protection
    • Compact system with Sand trap Louvers
    • Micron Filters & Centrifugal fans

TechnIcal Specs